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For Immediate Release

 Dear Residents,

            In accordance with the North Carolina Executive Order 124 (EO124), the Town of Elkin, in coordination with the Yadkin Valley Sewer Authority, is enforcing the following policies with regards to water and sewer services:

  1. Residential account disconnections for late or non-payments are suspended until at least June 1, 2020.
  2. No new penalties for late payments on residential accounts will be imposed from March 31, 2020, until at least June 1, 2020.
  3. The Town of Elkin, in conjunction with the Yadkin Valley Sewer Authority, will offer six-month payment plan options for those residential customers with unpaid account balances which accrue during the period covered by EO124.  These payment plans will be interest-free.
  4. Any residential customer whose services were disconnected for late or non-payment after February 1st, 2020, and remains without service, will be reconnected upon request without penalties or fees.

Thank You,
Town of Elkin

Town of Elkin:

For questions on your water bill, please call the Elkin Town Hall water counter at 336-258-8905.

To make a payment on your water bill online, please click here


Public Water Supply Section-North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources 

Water Plant Information: 


The Town water plant is currently producing an average of 1 million gallons of water per day with a capacity of producing 3 million gallons per day. Elkin also has a 60 million gallon reservoir and four storage tanks that hold a total of 1.9 million gallons of water. The plant draws from the Big Elkin Creek, an excellent raw water source that should serve the Town well into the future.

The Town maintains 50 miles of water lines. We strive to keep every mile operable at all times. There may be times when our crews need to interrupt your service to make repairs, as we try to keep your lines in excellent working condition.

Currently, the in Town charges are:

$1,200.00 for each ¾” water tap
$1,400.00 for each 1” water tap
$2,800.00 for each 2” water tap T-10 Meter
$3,800.00 for each 2" water tap Compound

$800.00 for each ¾” water tap
$1,200.00 for each 1" water tap

The Town of Elkin’s leak policy is as follows. After the leak has been fixed, the resident must bring to Town Hall documentation such as a receipt from a plumber, etc. All adjustments are based on a six-month average. The Town of Elkin will adjust the sewer charge to average and the water charge will be adjusted off of ½ of average. If the high usage is for two months or longer, the Town will adjust one month only using the highest bill.

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