Pricing Estimates Needed

Pending grant award/Amphitheaters in downtown 

We are looking for pricing estimates on adding these items to downtown at the Heritage Center grounds:

1. Large elevated amphitheater (estimate around 20'x30') with backstage room and restrooms for entertainers. This would be on the east lawn.  Considerations needed for flood plain.

2. Smaller amphitheater (estimated up to 20'x20') which can have an open back. This would be on the west lawn. No restrooms or backstage room needed.  Ground level development with flow-through considerations for flood plain. 

Flood plain data for above (new) structures - for elevation of structures:
  • Base Flood elevation for the smaller stage on the west side is 899.9
  • Base Flood elevation for the larger state on the east side is 899.3. This means the greenroom with restroom for the band, must also be up that high behind the stage. 

3. Renovation of existing lumber rack shelter into a facility that has public restrooms, a concession outlet and covered area for table/picnic seating.  (to serve events hosted on the east lawn).   

  • This building is grandfathered in, so we believe this structure does not need worry about floodplain  elevation for the areas converted within the shelter space. 

See below for general theater design concepts.

Questions?  Please contact Laura Gaylord, Main Street & Community Manager at:

Small Amphitheater:
Small Covered Amphitheater - Copy

Larger Amphitheater, MORE ELEVATION, Backstage room and restrooms needed in design concept:
Large Amphitheater design concept - Copy

Existing lumber structure to be renovated into restrooms, concessions outlet, and covered seating:

Lumber shed

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