Doing Business in Elkin

Who do I call?

Start your process off with one call, or call us directly about the topic you would like to find out more about........  

Call Leslie at 336-258-8907, Economic Development
  • To find out what financial support, grants or other services might be available for the business you'd like to start
  • To find out about possible locations in and around Elkin
Call Sarah at 336-258-8906, Planning, Zoning, Signage
  • To find if the type of business you are wanting to start is allowed in your chosen location.
  • To apply for a signage permit before purchasing or investing in a sign.
If you are doing building renovations contact Surry County - 336-401-8300
  • Call Sarah first for a zoning permit (above)- letting the county building inspector know that your business is allowable in your location. 
  • Call the Surry County Building Inspections Department  - to apply for a building permit; often if you are working with a licensed contractor they will complete this stage for you.
  • Downloadable checklist for renovations. 
  • Restaurant and food prep inspections also occur at the County level.
Call Laura at 336-258-8908, Main Street 
  • If you are looking specifically for a downtown location and enhanced downtown services or grant programs, our Main Street Manager can help you apply. 
Call the Fire Department at 336-258-8921 
  • When you are ready to open your business and need a fire inspection so you are ready to open your location to the public, call for an appointment. 
Call the Water Counter at Town Hall at 336-258-8905
  • To set up your town utilities (water, garbage collection)

Mailing Address

Post Office Box 857 Elkin, North Carolina 28621

Street Address

226 North Bridge Street Elkin, North Carolina 28621

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