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History of Elkin, North Carolina

Yadkin River                                    The beautiful and sometimes swift flowing Yadkin River, where locals enjoy kayaking and fishing.

The flowing together of the Yadkin River and the Big Elkin Creek has drawn people to the area of what is now Elkin, since the coming of the Paleo-Indians 12,000 years ago. We also, know that the Sioux Indians settled along the Yadkin River as early as 500 BC.  Early settlers came to this area in the 1700's and English colonists soon after.  Cherokee Indians were also living in the area, and although the Cherokee had been active in the French and Indian War, they had joined in treaties with the English in 1763, followed by the events of the American Revolution.

                               Richard Gwyn Museum, ELkin NC
                                The Richard Gwyn Museum is located on Church Street.  Access to the museum can be obtained thru the
                                       Foothills Arts Council next door, Thurs - Sat noon till 6pm. 

The town’s early history centers on one man and his descendants. Around 1840, Richard Gwyn left Jonesville to settle on the north side of the Yadkin River, recognizing the value of the forested hills and waterpower of Elkin Creek. Within a decade he and several family members established Elkin Manufacturing Company. Farther up Elkin Creek, Alexander Chatham and Thomas Lenoir Gwyn opened a small woolen mill in 1877 that grew to become Elkin’s largest industry today. The Northwestern North Carolina Railroad arrived in 1890; the town was ready to take the opportunities the railroad brought for commercial and industrial expansion. It’s strategic location near the Yadkin River and the Big Elkin Creek and as a stop on the railroad caused prosperity that produced brick stores, many industries, and fine houses.

                          WN Shoe Factory Dam
                           Elkin's Shoe Factory Dam can be viewed along the town's beautiful Elkin and Alleghany RR trails system
                                along the  Big Elkin Creek, starting in the Elkin Municipal Park.

The beginning of industry started with the cotton mill, the Civil War involvement, the coming of the railroad, the town’s coping with the depression of the thirties, and then the two World Wars.

The heritage of the two rivers that flow through the community should not be forgotten. First, the rivers provided water and means for fishing and travel. Also, using waterpower to drive gristmills, forges, and sawmills was an important economic development. The greatest impact was the more sophisticated mills along the rivers that powered shoe and textile factories. Elkin has a proud history and a bright future as seen in its historic downtown, where past landmarks are now being revitalized.

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