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Yard Waste & Leaf Collection


This service is provided to Town of Elkin residents in single-family and special residential units. It is limited to four cubic yards per resident per week. Beginning July 1, 2014 Residents must call Elkin Public Works Department at 258-8915 to schedule Yard Waste, Leaf or Limb Collection.

For informational purposes below is a summary of the Town of Elkin Solid Waste Ordinance Section 25: Special Collections.

Yard Waste Collection:
Yard waste is defined as grass trimmings, twigs, hedge trimmings, plant trimmings, hay, straw, pine straw, and pine cones. It will be collected at curbside provided that it is placed in plastic bags. Bags must be in good condition and when full does not weigh more than 50 pounds each. Yard waste set out for collection that exceeds ½ truckload (more than four cubic yards) must contact Town Hall to request the delivery of a truck to be loaded by the resident.

Limb Collection:
Limbs cannot be larger than three inches in diameter and no longer than six feet in length. Tree shrubbery and limbs shall have all protruding branches trimmed. Limbs must be stacked in small, neat piles such that a reasonable person would expect one individual to easily pick up each pile. Each pile shall weigh no more than 50 pounds and shall not exceed four feet in height nor four feet in length. Limbs set out for collection that exceeds ½ truckload (more than four cubic yards) must contact Town Hall to request the delivery of a truck to be loaded by the resident.

Town Public Works Department will not collect tree trunks larger than four inches in diameter and the Town will not collect tree stumps.

Leaf Collection:
Loose leaves shall be bundled, packaged or boxed into one-person loads and may be placed pending collection by the Town at the front of the premises in the grass strip between the street and the sidewalk. Residents are limited to 20 bags of leaves per week for collection by Town.

During the portion of the year when special leaf collection equipment is used, which shall be from November through December, leaves may be piled loosely adjacent to and behind the curb or in front of a ditch (not in street, gutter or roadside ditch) for collection by special equipment. Loose piles of leaves will not be collected unless they are free of trash such as broken glass, rocks, trigs, cans, or other debris that might damage collection equipment.

The Public Works Department may decline to collect any yard waste that is not prepared or placed for collection in accordance with the Town of Elkin Solid Waste Ordinance Section 25: Special Collections or exceeds the maximum amount.

Public Works Department shall not collect any tree or tree limbs from an unimproved property or when the service has been performed for a fee or results from land clearing work by a commercial yard service.

If the yard waste to be collected exceeds 1/2 truckload (more than four cubic yards) the Town will notify residents via door hangers that the pile(s) will not be picked up as part of the weekly service due. The homeowner will be given the option of signing a truck policy statement and authorizing the town to invoice their utility bill for $30.00 and have a town truck delivered to their home and loaded by the homeowner. Other options include paying a contractor to pick up debris, homeowner hauling debris off themselves, composting, or disposing of the leaves/limbs in densely wooded areas of their property (if available). If the homeowner desires to use the Town’s service and signs the truck policy statement, a work order will be generated and a date will be selected for delivery of a truck. The Town will then deliver a truck on the scheduled date to be loaded by the homeowner and picked up the next business day. The delivery date of a truck may be up to one week from the time of the request depending upon the number of previous work orders generated and the availability of the Town’s two dump trucks. If you have more than ½ load and have not been contacted by public works to discuss collection options, please call the public works department at 258-8915. 

 Link to Leaf Collection Schedule - 2023

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