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Enhancing our Attributes

The Main Street Advisory Board's (MSAB) committees define areas of need and find creative solutions for enhancing downtown in a variety of ways.  The municipal service district benefits from these projects because the MSAB follows a 4-point strategy which includes "Design" in the downtown as an important part of annual planning and funding.  Below are some examples of a few of the projects that have been completed since 2012: 

Farmers Market

Farmers Market sign 002

The Main Street Advisory Board has contributed to the Farmers Market success in many ways.  The Main Street & Community Manager applied for a grant to build a market shelter and was awarded funding by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund in 2013.  In 2014, the Main Street board voted to fund the accessories at the market (picnic tables, waste can, bulletin board, Elkin Farmers Market sign, t-shirts, FM bags) and added landscaping along Bridge Street. 

FM murals - Copy (2)

In 2015, they funded the murals of four Yadkin Valley Seed Company seed packets that now grace the tower at the market. 

In 2017, the board purchased and installed ceiling fans and festoon lights for the shelter, and added awnings to one side of the shelter to relieve vendors from the hot morning summer sun. If you are interest in contributing funds, please let us know! We'd love to add additional awnings to two more locations on the shelter.  336-258-8908

For more information on the Elkin Farmers Market, click here

Trail town 8
The banner project started a few years ago when the MSAB decided to bring a new vibe to downtown. They decided on a color scheme and images to showcase various experiences that occur in downtown Elkin throughout the year.

Winter/Spring banners offer a vibrant apple green with images of dining, wine tasting, fiddle conventions, and cycling (a new initiative in Elkin).

Summer/Fall showcases a deep purple with images for Shop Local (with a photo from the Farmers Market), cruise Elkin, a musician playing guitar (symbolizing live music venues throughout downtown), and a trail cairn-since the NC Mountains to Sea Trail and the Overmountain Victory Trail come through downtown Elkin, as well as honoring the Elkin Valley Trails Association for building fabulous trails from downtown toward Stone Mountain State Park.

Wayfinding Signs

 Dog Park Boat Access b     Wayfinding, MST info on Main St  Ped Wayfinding Main St - Copy

Wayfinding signs have been added gradually to downtown since 2017. The Main Street Board has funded a variety of parking, trail, pedestrian and business signage, all using the Yadkin Valley Heritage Corridor color scheme and sign design plans. 

Twenty One BEFORE 

Elkin vineyard mural compressed

       (L) Building prior to mural.                                                                                            (R)  The
 mural in progress...

8 Twenty One and Main mural after
The final image of completed mural; a public/private partnership investment made this Main Street Advisory Board mural possible.

Downtown Elkin offers opportunities in various ways to showcase big bold images. Artist Michael Brown came to Elkin and was thrilled with the possibilities. Above photos show the process of before and after, for a mural that was completed downtown in 2013. A total of six murals were completed by Spring 2016. We have since completed numerous images throughout the downtown for generations to enjoy.  

Facade Grants
Creative facade grant before

Morphis facade after

                        Before photo (127 W Main St)                                                                         After photo (127 W Main St)

The facade grants are offered by the Main Street Advisory Board every year.  The facade grants encourage building owners invest in exterior improvements, which in turn, encourages others to improve their nearby facades.  Every year, at least 3 facades have been updated using these grants, in the past 5 years.  In many cases, the owners have used the free design services provided through the NC Main Street Program design team, such as done with this building above.  You can learn more by reviewing the facade grant page or by contacting the Main Street & Community Manager

Bike Racks
Bike racks E Main St

The bikes racks installed on east and west ends of Main Street were hand crafted by a local metalwork artisan. The theme reflects the viticulture region that Elkin has been a part of for almost 2 decades. Grape clusters are on East Main St, and grape vine leaves are on the west end. The racks were designed to double as public art when not in use. 

Rock Facade Linear Park and Public Restrooms

Rock facade face lift  
Before Photo  (only the front and two interior side walls remain of what was once a beautiful granite-sided building on Main St) 

This passionate project was the Main Street Advisory Board's focus for 2 years:
  • The primary goal of the Make a Wish project, was to save the front facade from being dismantled. 
  • The secondary goal, was to present a project to the town board (as this was a town-owned property) and encourage development of a linear park useful for the public. Since public restrooms were a definite need, they were incorporated into the plans. The Town board approved the project in 2016 and the new downtown linear Rock Facade Park was completed by summer 2017. 
Early stages, shoring up bricks
(L) Early photo of area (view from alley) during beginning stages of construction, prior to deck installation.  On left, the rock facade property sat for years waiting for development. 
(R) The Town of Elkin cleaned up the space, replaced deteriorating bricks, and prepared the space for a future project.  Prism Medical, a downtown business, also donated some funding to help the project begin, when unforeseen expenses threatened the project's start. 

Rock facade with deck completed             Rock facade at Christmas full shot reduced
 (L) Main Street view looking in onto the new deck and restrooms. Shades overhead provide protection from summer sun. 

 (R) View of deck with planters, benches and tables, which were provided by the Main Street Advisory Board. They also provided the decorations added for the holidays.

Pet Waste Stations

pet waste stations

Since downtown is pet friendly, and many allow well behaved pups on their restaurant patios or in shops, downtown pet waste stations were installed for 
dog walkers and visitors traveling with pets. There are three stations along Main Street, and one up at the grassy lot on N Bridge and W Market Street.  If you see an empty dispenser, please let us know by calling  336-258-8908.  For a list of pet friendly shops and restaurants downtown, click here. There is also a new dog park on E Standard St. 

Trail Tree Sign

Trail town 12

Trail tree sign on E Main Street. A community effort with numerous  assistance from residents,  Elkin High School art students, Elkin Valley Trails volunteers, and local company Greenhill Environmental. This has become one of the most photographed images on the east end of Main Street and a fun photo op for visitors and MST hikers. 

Benches, receptacles, lighting

benches downtown compressed

recycle bin (2)

The Main Street Advisory Board is also responsible for creating a consistent look to the downtown with upgraded benches throughout Main Street with matching waste receptacles. The feel of a historical downtown is important, because it enhances the overall experience when you spend the day with us in downtown.

In 2022, The N.C. Dept of Environmental Quality awarded downtown Elkin grant funding for 7 recycling receptacles on Main Street & Market Street. We are so excited to help the environment and keep downtown clean and green!

Look for more exciting improvements to come...we'll keep you updated here as projects are completed.

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