Main Street

Our visitors are a top priority!

PARKING OFFENSE #1 - Keeping spaces open for visitors:

If you are a local downtown merchant, employee, or downtown resident using street parking, please refrain from parking in front of businesses all day.  Many downtown customers during the day are elderly and cannot walk far.  Please don't inconveniencing your business neighbors’ customers by using up limited parking spaces on Main Street. Our public parking lots are a very short distance from Main Street. 

Downtown employees and long-term visitors can find all-day public parking:

  • One short block north of Main Street at the Richard Gwyn Museum (139 Church St),
  • beside the Masonic Lodge (corner Church/Market), and
  • at the Elkin Town Hall (corner Market/Bridge).
  • There is also public parking diagonally across from the library (corner S Front/W Main) and
  • a lots behind Southern on Main (S Bridge St), along the RR tracks.
  • Visitors can park at the Heritage Center.   
  • We also offer EV chargers for free at the Heritage Center & the Town Hall parking lots.    

Downtown Elkin's ordinances involve a PARKING ZONE.  PARKING ZONE limits are MON-FRI, 8 am to 6 pm. You can only park up to 3 hours within the zone on weekdays.

The zone includes: ALL OF MAIN ST, CHURCH ST and COURT ST.  It also includes the town section of parking in the LIFESTORE LOT. 

You cannot move to a different parking space within the zone to restart the clock; you must relocate your vehicle instead to public parking lots where there are no parking restrictions throughout the day. 

Repeat offenders: Once your car has been given one warning, the next 2 offenses are a ticket ($5.00), and the third offense will include a ticket and a BOOT on your vehicle that will cost $50.00 to remove.  All tickets and their late fees must also be paid in full at Town Hall, to have the boot removed by the police.  


Please do not park facing the opposite direction, on the wrong side of the road.  It may seem easier at times to just pull in and park, but when you pull out of your space, you are entering the side of the road with oncoming traffic which is extremely dangerous. 

In 2011, Elkin passed an ordinance stating parallel parking against traffic on Main Street, Market Street and Standard St warrants a maximum $50.00 fine as a class 3 misdemeanor, should the driver be convicted. 


Please freshen up on your knowledge of 4-way stops.  The DOT removed downtown stop lights recently and installed 4-way stops along Bridge St (Business Hwy 21) at 3 intersections in downtown.   If you are unsure how to use them, please see below:

The Five Rules
  1. Rule #1: First to arrive, first to drive. If you arrive at the intersection first, come to a complete stop, then proceed...
  2. Rule #2: Right of way goes to the right. ...
  3. Rule #3: Straight doesn't have to wait. ...
  4. Rule #4: Left turn yields to right.
  5. Rule #5: ALWAYS YIELD to pedestrians. 
Safety of pedestrians and drivers in downtown is of primary importance, so please adhere to these ordinances for everyone's enjoyment in downtown Elkin!

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