Main Street

Broadband and WiFi

Improving the Downtown Experience

Elkin's Main Street Advisory Board partnered with the Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce for a grant to provide free WiFi in downtown Elkin.  A grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) was submitted and up to $10,000 was awarded by ARC to downtown Elkin for this project which installed the necessary equipment for the WiFi coverage along Main Street, mainly for outdoor use.  

The Main Street Advisory Board matched these funds (70/30 match) to pay for service fees so downtown visitors can enjoy WiFi coverage along Main Street, sections of Market St and the Farmers Market, and also down at Crater Park.  Business owners are responsible for their own WiFi within their buildings, as this is not a secure line meant for business use. However, customers should be able to obtain coverage at the front interior of buildings.

For visitors to Crater Park as well as kayakers docking or launching at the boat ramp, WiFi should be easily accessed while spending time at the park. 

We hope you enjoy your accessibility in downtown and please let us know if you experience any gaps in coverage.  

Thank you, Appalachian Regional Council, for seeing the value in our project request and making downtown Elkin a better place to live, work, shop, dine, exercise, and enjoy!

Fiber Optic Technology in our Community

Currently, fiber optic coverage is available in most of downtown for your business, and along most major highways in town. 

Stay tuned for updates while we work on making Elkin an option for Entrepreneurs to live/work with enhanced fiber optic coverage throughout Elkin's neighborhoods as well...

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