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All-Way Stops and High Traffic Volume on North Bridge Street in the Elkin Downtown Area

North Bridge Street Hwy 21, North and Southbound traveling lanes through Elkin will continue to see high volumes of traffic due to construction on I-77. This is not locally generated traffic, but traffic due to traveler’s GPS mapping devices rerouting them through town. NC DOT is not rerouting traffic specifically through Elkin. Please check DriveNC.gov for current traffic issues.

When traveling through the intersections of Market Street and Main Street at North Bridge Street, do not block the intersections, abide by all-way stop right of ways, and yield to pedestrian traffic in all instances. Please note it is a 20 MPH Zone North and South of the downtown all-way stops.

The State Board of Education has rated Elkin City Schools as 5th in the state for excellent schools.  To learn more, please click on this link to an article from September 2019.

The Town of Elkin recently completed the 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan for future planning and economic development.  If you are interested in viewing the plan or downloading a copy, please click here to access a copy.

NCTD Save the Date 2020

February 2019:  Gorgeous photos of the Mountains-to-Sea trail compliment this articles about the NC Mountains-to-Sea Trail, and highlights Elkin's downtown, which is directly on the path.  


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March 2018: Elkin's downtown was the location for NC MST's Annual Conference, which brought hundreds of visitors from all over the state and from places across the country.  The Elkin Valley Trails Association volunteers planned numerous events to experience in Elkin  and the region during the 3-day weekend each year.  The event was held in the beautiful Liberty banquet hall both times.  Elkin's Main Street is directly along the NC MST and downtown will soon offer ammenities for MST hikers in their visitor center. 


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